DSlot43 Cars

 Sorry!  All Kyosho DSlot43 cars are Out of Stock.  The bodies only are available, however!

Email or call if any questions.


SKU Number 2100-0  Audi R8 LMS Silver $16.95 Out of Stock

SKU Number 2101-0  Audi R8 LMS White $16.95  Out of Stock


SKU Number 2103-0 Lamborghini Murcielago Green $14.95




SKU Number 2106-0 Porsche 917 Martini & Rossi $14.95

SKU Number 2108-0 Porsche 962 Kenwood $16.95


DSlot43 Aston Martin DBR9 #009 DSlot43 Corvette C6R ALMS GT1

DSlot43 Corvette C6R LM 2007